The Smile of a Friend…

Have you ever been droning along in your daily grind, and said to yourself-

Gee, I need to press pause!

We have all been there, unless you have a magical ferry that pays all your bills for you, it’s an extremely common need in this busy life.

I know a lot of you out there can’t really afford to take an extended vacation,  or even take a break at times.  It really is important to do it, even if it’s only for a long weekend.  You don’t even have to go anywhere far, to get that renewal your soul needs.  Sometimes all you need, is to spend time with a good friend.  

Recently I stopped and took a 3 day pause.  I was stressed, pushing myself to achieve my dreams, as so many of us normally do!   So I said to myself, you know what Natalie “You can’t be 100 percent when your running on empty”.  So I booked some BFF therapy.  

No matter what you could be going through, a good friend knows you best.  You could be doing absolutely nothing, and still enjoy yourself.   Lounging around chatting, grabbing coffee, watching a movie or listening to music that envokes a sense of whimsy or a good dose of nostalgia.  Window shopping or even treating yourself to a retail treat.  You deserve it, or why else do we work hard?

The thing I get back each and every time from my friend, is peace & a promise that there is someone, who loves you unconditionally.  A real friend sees you in all your successes & flaws & still is proud to know you.  I feel renewed whenever she’s beside me.  

I don’t know if you have ever felt this, but the best payment I feel I recieve from her, is to make my het laugh, till she’s almost on the floor.  My soul beams, to know I can still make her happy at times

When we make time for happiness a priority, it is the greatest emotional present to ourselves.  When you come back, you feel refreshed and ready to focus on what is to come.

Yes at the end of my day, there is nothing more important to me than: 

“The Smile of a friend”…

Love always 💋💙

Photo credit: My BFF- Cat Forsley💄


Your life goals happen in your own time, not someone elses…

I know you have probably overheard a lot of people talking over the years,  about being disappointed  in not hitting a life goal by a certain period in your life.  So many amazing & vital people just wanting their time in the sun. The truth is, we create our own dissatisfied minds, by looking at others around us & wanting what they have, or thinking we failed because we did not achieve financial success or obtain property or  have a family or a relationship by a certain age.

Ah yes!  That albeit magical age number,  that we think,  we have to achieve everything by.  I’m not saying it’s not good to have dreams & aspirations.  Far from it.  What I am saying is that, we cannot expect everything we want & see others achieving, to come to us exactly when we want it.  Things just simply happen in our own set lifetime.  An unforseen life path that we are each on, which can have many turns & trials on it, before we get a chance at our” Golden Wishes.”

I have personally seen many souls become disheartend with the lack of life goal achievement, by a certain age.  I have also suffered its unpleasantness.  There is extreme danger in allowing yourself to be distraught with fears that you will never make it, in fact there are some that have even given up hope and decided to leave their lives.  This is never the way to deal with this dilemma!

I am here to tell you, it does get better.  It may not happen at the exact age you want it to. It might not be exactly how you pictured your own success to be, but it’s still as brilliant as a sun beam, when success decides to present itself.  I don’t believe in overnight success stories.  For the most part, it’s a lot of hard work, and love of your craft. It takes sheer will & determination & talent,  that eventually can bring you into the forefront!

I have worked for the last 25 years at my dreams.  In the years that passed by, I planted the seeds to my garden of success.  We are all works in progress.  Just when we think things are great,  just wait,  because sometimes they can really bloom into something you never even could imagine.

I am proud to say, some of my dreams are coming to life.  I have appeared on TV  &  Radio & Podcasts recently,  to promote a musical show called “Retro Heart” that was put together by myself & a wonderful guitarist friend, Mr.  Roland Doucet, with many guest musicians gracing our show with their gifts!   There will be more shows in the near future.

There are also lyrics for Songs & Stories I have worked at over the years, that are also coming to life now too!  I now am working with a phenomenal friend & composer, to add backing tracks to two songs that I have recently written.  These songs will be recorded, and will be performed live very soon!  This is a real dream come true, but it did not happen overnight.  With more foot work & collaboration with great people, I know there is more to come.   This story is not complete, nor do I want it to be!

I am now exactly who I am supposed to be, as I take a walk down my future life path.

My last thought on this blog, is this:

If you believe you were born to do something, that you think & concentrate on it every day, then  it is your task to try to make it happen.  Even if it takes years, maybe even doing other jobs to pay the “BILLS”, don’t give up!   Success can be around the corner or in the next chapter of your life, after you have overcome obtacles or life obligations. 

“Your life goals happen in your time, not someone elses!”

Love Always xoxo 💋💙

Natalie L’amour © August 10/2016

Coffee shop logic…

About six years ago I was sitting with a female friend of mine, at an outdoor cafe, the Second Cup on Elgin near Gladstone, back when you could still smoke at outdoor uncovered patios.  My friend & I were chatting about dating men, as we were both single at the time.  We both mentioned in passing, how it’s hard sometimes to read if someone really likes you on the first few dates.  Just then a European man in his 70’s smoking a pipe at the table next to us, introduces himself & says” I couldn’t help but hear your conversation ladies, would you like some advice from a man who has found the love of his life & spent 40 years with her until she passed?”
Intrigued by his soft but tired voice, we said,”absolutely Sir, we would love to hear a man’s side of things!”
The man begins to delve into his memories to serve us a very helpful piece of advice.
“The most important thing you young & vital ladies need to always remember is your worth!  Never let just anyone date you for kicks, be very guarded who you let in your garden of life.  If a person is interested in you, they will not only say it, they will show you they do.  It’s not about money, they can spend very little but put a lot of thought into it.  Here’s a good guide line on a first date for sure.  If your date asks you to escort or meet them at a place for dinner or a show of some kind, they should always offer to pay.  If they invite you out, it is always etiquette to pick up the tab for you.  If that means they research or know how expensive the place before they invite you, so they know if they can afford it, well that’s their homework to do!  If they are chivalrous, they will be interested in you, ask you questions, not just talk about themselves.  They will hold the door open, help you with your coat & lastly offer you their arm in public, even walk you to your car or bus etc… They should be proud to be seen with you, but the best part of all, make you feel special, like you are the only two people in the room!  If a person doesn’t think your worth the effort, they don’t deserve a second date.  Before my wife died, She told me I always made her feel loved, appreciated for what she did for me and that I never made her feel jealous of other women, because she knew she was my Queen.” 
In closing before we thanked him for his gift, he said one final thing to us.  ” Use this as a test on a first date, if things are going pretty well during dinner, and he shows interest in you, then when the Bill comes, offer to pay your half of it. A real Gentleman would not even hear of it and right away say no, especially if he invited you out!  If they allow you to pay, don’t give him a second date, or just keep them in the friend zone, you deserve to be wined & dined.  There is nothing wrong with someone treating you well ladies, so please remember this when dating ok!”  I wish you both, the kind of love my wife & I shared…

So now when I go on dates, that does ring true, every word of it.  I will wait for that special heart to come my way, the one that gives me butterflies in my tummy, the one who never makes me wonder if I am their girl, they will show me!
Love always xo
Natalie L’amour 💋 💙


Help keep Hope Alive…

Like a lot of people today, there are a great deal that live pay cheque to pay cheque, maybe you have savings or take an extra job here & there to supplement your income if you can.  If your lucky to have a job or to be healthy enough to keep working, your still ok.  But imagine for a minute or so a time when maybe you couldn’t work at your chosen job, too sick to work because of illness or surgeries needed to live.  Now imagine, you have exhausted your savings to pay monthly expenses, no extra money coming in and your scared how your bills or even just rent will be paid, or how you’ll even eat?
Well this is a reality for many people, and it is a scary reality.  This is happening right now to a lovely woman named “Maria Hawkins”.  For years she has made it a mission to help children in schools with anti bullying and Blues in Schools campaigns.  She makes a living from singing and being a musician.  Recently since November 2015 she has not been able to work due to much needed eye surgeries and through a musicians union and other means, she was hooked up with co-op housing,  some help funding wise, but only short term, as funds ran out to help her unfortunately.  
April & May are looking very bleak for her as she cannot work with another upcoming eye surgery & has exhausted all savings now.  She is looking at other venues to get money, but that can take months for ODSP if she can qualify!  In the interim, she has no way of paying for rent or food in the next few months, but even if anyone who reads this can send $10.00 or $20.00 when pooled together can spell great relief for a very giving woman, who now is in need herself.  If you are able to help Maria Hawkins out, you can send your e-mail $$ by interac transfer by using online banking. Her e-mail is: You can make up any question you like but the password needs to be “Singer” so Maria can accept it on her end. You can also send Maria Hawkins a private message on Facebook if you have any questions regarding this.

Thanks for taking time to read this & of course for your generosity if you can help keep hope alive,for Lady of Blues “Maria Hawkins”…


Love always
Natalie L’amour 💋 💙

“Ageism gets Old My Friends!”

So today, I heard in the news that Dos Equis Beer, owned by Heineken Beer company, has decided to part ways with Their Ad man- Jonathan Goldsmith “The Most Interesting man in the World”, after 9 years together.  I should add also, that Mr. Goldsmith in those 9 years with Dos Equis, has managed to almost triple their sales while being their front man.  He is 77 and no doubt this is part of the issue, that the company decided to switch things up and go with someone new.  To me there are just far to many people in show business and today’s work force, that are proof that age does not stop someone from being viable.  Perfect examples of age not being an issue, are people like Betty White, William Shatner, Morgan Freeman etc… In a world that spends tons of money on marketing for the youth, marketing campaigns need to realize that it’s not just the youth who are consumers.  I know it’s a hard fight for anyone above 55 to get noticed or not be discriminated against by companies, thinking because they are older, that they have limitations on what they can bring to the table, so wrong!  Just the other day I was talking with a friend, and they were worried that if they wanted to start over in their career, that they may not be successful because they are 50, and companies may not want to invest in training, this has to change.  We now live in a time where through the wonders of modern medicine, homeopathy, good diet, exercise and maybe excellent genetics, people are living longer, stronger and fuller lives.  So many capable, useful and creative people, just needing a chance to contribute, but often get shut down because of age, this really has to change.

I hope Mr. Jonathan Goldsmith has lots of new and interesting projects and jobs to come his way.  For me, I hope when I reach my 7o’s and onward, I will be greeted with a different mentality when it comes to my age then, and what I can accomplish.  I intend to be someone who won’t give up.  My story is not finished yet, after all…

Love always…

Natalie L’amour xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxo


Chanelling warmth…

It could be someone you know, a neighbor, a friend, a family member or a complete stranger but sometimes you feel a genuine spark ignite warmth when you take someone’s hand. It is the smallest gesture, that can give such a huge reward. Tonite I felt just what I mentioned.
I was at a drug store about to head in, when I noticed a black reusable shopping bag on the ground near a car. I shrugged off the bag and began to walk towards the door, when I saw this woman coming out, she was 5 foot nothing in a long black winter coat, dressed warmly with good boots and a lovely hat. I stopped her at the door, and complimented her on her hat. I could see her light blue eyes look up at me, almost stunned I spoke to her, then her eyes softened and said “why thank you.” It was after her speaking to me, she started to proclaimed that the bag on the ground was hers, that I earlier noticed. Right away I hopped to pick it up and give it to her so she wouldn’t fall near the ice patch to get it. The woman proceeded to walk to her dark blue car but seemed scared to fall, as it was slippery. Noticing the sweet ladies caution, I extended my hand and she took it and I helped her to her car door. I felt such a warmth and energy as she took my hand, it sent a wash of calmness through my body. It was beautiful how effortlessly her hand latched onto mine. After this gesture she said thank you, and proceeded to tell me she was 90 and worries in winter when walking, I told her I understood her worry & was glad to help. She did not look 90, so I told her she looked amazing & I hope if I’m blessed to live into my 90’s, that I could be just like her. She smiled the biggest smile and got in her car slowly and drove off into the night. I hope wherever she goes she knows how inspirational her independent spirit is and the warmth she bestowed upon me…
💋 💙
Love always…