Reconstructing💘 Valentines Day…

So many people around the world, either dread or treasure Valentines Day, and rightly so!  It is a day of expectation and wanting for people, hoping their partner will get it right.  A day that has become so commercialized and fake, that even people who can affford to participate, quite often get it wrong or go overboard.   If your with someone, being good to each other is just natural or it should be, one day is not enough if you really love💖 someone.  If your single it has become a day to curse.  I have heard about and also experienced being alone on Valentines Day and having dark resentment seep in, what a waste!
Well I say why not try a different approach.  Why not just enter into Valentines Day as a person who Loves yourself & make plans that make you happy.  We have all heard that if you don’t take care of yourself, you will not have much to give to others, well it’s true.  Be good to yourself, make plans for a spa or go to a show, music, theatre.  Take time to do something that feeds your mind as well as your stomach.  Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior just because you are alone, or as a couple you don’t celebrate for one day.  What I have learned, is that being single is a chance to find your power, develope talents you never made time for before, and truly be in Love with being in your own company.  I feel reconstructed and so now Valentines Day is reconstructed too.   So now what I feel is grateful for, is to know the Valentine that I send out, is not only to everyone I care about, but also to feel I deserve care too. 
I’m wishing you all a chance to feel cared for, by yourself & by others. 

Happy Reconstructed Valentines.💋



To change or not to…

As a brand new year is creeping up, do you find yourself wondering how you can improve your life?  What things can be done to improve your home life or work life or even your body?  So many of us try to challenge ourselves with making changes to reach for something better than what we already have. 
There is nothing wrong with this of course, it’s good to recognize things that need change.  The problem that I forsee though, is most don’t take the time to look deeper at what is great already.  We are so hardwired to think sometimes, that who we are is never good enough.  By magazines and shows that tell us we must change how we look or feel to be happy, healthy or be loved.  So much is shoved at us through media, I have begun to think-” Is it still ok to be happy with ourselves & expect others to be ok with it too, or must we always buy things to quiet our need to be accepted?”
In this New Year 2016, I challenge each of you to see the beauty in yourself.  See the love you have to share.  To enjoy your body just as it is and talk more if you need to.  I hope you spend time doing things that make you feel alive & happy.  In 2016, I wish you feel empowered to be true to you and the people you Love!

Love Always xo 💋 💙

Things can change…

When you find yourself stuck in a situation that your disheartened with, maybe you feel hopeless or struggling for answers or wished certain people in your life would not create problems or hurt you.  The thing to keep in mind, is that your situation is now, and it may not last.  People can have a change of heart.  Your luck might change as well.  The things you feel are keeping you back can fall away, if you keep reinforcing positive connections & thinking.  Just like the weather -dark clouds can change to brilliant sun.  Always remember if your second guessing yourself, that things can change…


Knowing before it happens…

It has just been in recent times that I have learned the valuable lesson of being positive about things still to come into my life.  I visualize, I plan as if it’s instinctively going to happen.  To not only want it to happen, but to verbally say out loud- it’s going to happen.  To be in control of your destiny is to ask the universe for what you want.  To will it to happen, become what you have always imagined, to know you belong now to the life you have chosen.  The real secret is knowing before it happens…

Signature Natalie

Summertime mayhem…

Well this summer so far has certainly been memorable.  Getting to see my BFF 3 times in one summer in Toronto.  With a 4th visit on its way tonite for Taste of The Danforth.  So lucky to have Cat Forsley in my life.  Where would we be without such dear friends at times?  Also a trip to Niagra Falls was accomplished as well.  I don’t travel often, but I think all that’s going to change soon…I invite the Universe to show me what I’ve been missing. A life filled with music and mystery but most of all friendship in its truest form – Love 💙💋
Love Always
Natalie L’amour xoxo


MY LOVELY BFF Cat Forsley has brought me to a gorgeous and high brow area of Toronto…my kind of image area!  I stopped at so many shops and my favorites were The Bay , Sephora & both myself and Cat had our makeup done at Charlotte Tilbury an exclusive only to Holt Renfrew.  We were treated like Goddesses.  A relaxing and wonderful afternoon.  ❤💋👍 image