Holiday gifts to help your depleted wallet…

So like a lot of us at holiday times, we really start to look at our depleting bank accounts, rising hydro & living costs & say no way can I afford it!

I know how you feel.  I may not have kids or significant other, but in the past have tried to give to certain family and friends.  

Sometimes we just have to tell people I’m sorry but my bills have to come first.  It’s a hard thing to do.  It is fueled with heartache, feelings of failure and not being able to do what you want in life.

What you need to remember, is Christmas has turned into such a greedy time of year.  The time we used to spend with people has dwindled significantly because of our need to work to afford our lifestyles of the not so rich and not so famous!

I propose some ideas to help you feel that you have given, while still keeping cash in pocket.  Maybe get together with friends and family and decide to do them as a group.  Here they are:

  • Go through your closet and give away clothing and housewares you no longer use or wear.  There are many charities that could use the help.
  • If you know a family or newly widowed or sickly neighbour going through a hard time.  Offer your spare time to maybe prepare some food or just sit and chat.  Company is wonderful when someone is lonely.
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen or crafting items for seniors homes or hospitals for sick children.
  • Offering rides at a local hospital for cancer patients.
  • If you are a builder or handyman, offer discounted services to the elderly or financially strapped families over the holidays.  
  • If you can clean, offer to help a neighbour or friend who, maybe due to mental health issues cannot keep up with daily chores around their home.
  • If your good with research, offer help to people you may know, that may be struggling to find work.
  • If your a skilled musician or vocalists, do a small show at long term care facilities, or hospitals for the patients.
  • Take part in fund raising campaigns for things like local radio stations, treatment programs & programs for youth.
  • If you have an old vehicle that’s not working, why not donate it to kidney car, you even get a tax receipt!
  • If you have children, you can help them make gifts for nursing homes etc…like decorative tissue boxes, fancy throws, knit sweaters and slippers if you can knit.

These are just a few ideas to maybe give you some inspiration, and maybe to feel like you still can give even though you can’t financially.

In my own life, I can honestly tell you, it’s the time I’ve spent with people, the thought they put into things, that I recall the most.  Yes presents are nice, but the memories you can give someone by being present and helpful, are just as precious!

Love always,

Natalie L’amour 


The Angelic Ones…

There is tons of sorrow, everywhere a person can turn in life.  We try at times to block it out, to keep our positive focus.  I see many people deny their human need to stop, and vent their emotions, for lack of time and constant need to meet obligations.  While others take a pause break, blocking out the undeniable downfall of their finances,  because they just can’t continue as is.

We all make sacrifices everyday, our time and energy, to try to get things done.  When tragedy happens in our lives, for the most part, we are conditioned to keep going.  To pick up what we can and try to make sense of what has happened and why?

To me, the people I have watched take a bad situation, and still find it in themselves to help others in need too, they are human Angels.  Putting someone else before them in some instances. Maybe in helping others, it helps them cope with the loss they face as well.  The act of taking control in a uncontrolled situation, is a very powerful display of sheer human will.

For those of us that can still keep our heads together, when faced with pain and anguish, you are the answer to problem, others dare not solve.

At the end of the day, I see you for who you really are, even though you are humble,  and think it is just a normal way to react.

I see them as:  “The Angelic Ones”…

By: Natalie L’amour ♌

Humanity needs an overhaul…

The good hearts of this world, always try to help when they can. A kind word, someone to listen in a time of crisis, or step in, when nobody else will.    If you choose to see the humanity in someone, then you choose the ultimate task to ensure a hopeful outcome.  We do our best when we can, sometimes things don’t always work out, we can’t control peoples feelings or the world around us.  We can however control how we react to a situation, and maybe even find a solution.  

I’ve  seen the best of people lose hope, and give up helping others as a result of a bad experience.  There are no absolute guarantees when you help someone, that they have the same agenda.  The only real guarantee we have, is if you do help someone, you are at least trying to make a difference.  In a society that seems so selfish at times, and unconcerned with others well being or safety, isn’t it nice to know you’re not a contributor at best?

Yes, there are people that just can’t or don’t want to be helped I do agree, but there still are the ones that are just a bit lost or in a bind and would love a hand.  Often people take for granted that when a person needs help, that they know how to get help or maybe they have no family left or a support system for them.  If you do have a good support network, your very lucky!

I know everything we decide to believe in, is given a certain power, when we focus on it.  It may not turn out the way we hoped, or maybe it turns out with a twist of an ending, but maybe without help it could have been much worse.  Either way, I would like to think if someone took time out of their day to help out even a bit, it still would be a better life than if no one did anything at all.
Humanity needs an overhaul

The call to intervene…

We have all been there, you get a call from a friend, a family member or sometimes your a passer by late at night, there’s something wrong & they need assistance.  Many people are so caught up in there lives, they can’t always, or maybe they don’t have a way to help in their minds, but deep down they want to.  

For the ones that do stop everything and help out, in that moment you take on a higher power.  The spirit that moves you to intervene on behalf of another, it is making connections beyond what you imagine sometimes.  The synergy of getting others involved to make things happen, to stop the panic, to sooth & renew faith and most definitely hope. 

 Yes you are connecting to cause a beautiful reaction.  When you are doing a kindness, you feel it, you feel the adrenaline, the suspense how it will turn out.  You may even feel goosebumps in a good way.   If your lucky, all involved when your done, will experience a sense of relief & completion.  If you choose to help someone, you are taking a spot temporarily to hold their heart in your hands, and make them precious. 

The gift at the end,  is the smile that person gives you, knowing it’s genuine and the exchange of mutual love & respect, is all encompassing in that very moment.  

I have felt this feeling, both being on the receiving end and the one to give it.  If you get the chance to intervene on behalf of another soul, do it, we really must try help each other out. 

 We are all instruments at times, that when played right, our soulful intentions come out and bring such light, even in the darkest of situations!

Love always

Natalie L’amour 💋💙

New Show coming up in 10 Days from now…

  • If you will be present at this event,  You will get to hear the Premier of my new Song “The Angels Know, But They Don’t Want To Show”. 
  •  This song is a Blues, Soul inspired song, with Lyrics, Melody, & Vocals by: Me & the Backing Tracks performed & written by: Mr Allan Kinney.

    Love Always 

    Natalie L’amour 💙💋🎙

    “If it’s not a 2 way street, walk away…”

    There are so many different types of love.  Love as in a friend, family member, colleague, life partner, Love of life.  It could be Platonic, Multiple Partners, Love of self, only as a friend or just that you share Love in general without putting a name to it!  When we love someone, or the things we are doing, we show everyone in contact with us a vulnerability, a secret side of our mind that shows our true self without walls!

    It’s when we lower our protective barriers, that people get a glimpse of who we are, and that leaves us a bit defenseless at times.  I like to think that most people have good intentions, but life has shown me otherwise.  There are still true hearts out there, I don’t want to seem negative, not everyone is bad.  We all can choose to be soothing, nurturing & reciprocal, but some are just not capable, they just can’t bring themselves to give back.

    What I’ve learned in my life, in observing different behaviors with Love and attention is this:

    -Do give your attention to people who deserve it.

    -Do share of yourself, with someone who is careful with your heart.

    -Do give your time to a person who is genuine with you & is reciprocating. 

    -Do make yourself a priority, before you give to others, otherwise you become depleted & will have nothing to give eventually. 

    -Don’t waste time on a potential partner or friend who could not be bothered to be attentive or responsive back, in the end they have “no potential!”

    -Don’t concentrate on, or Love blindly anyone, that you can’t justify why they deserve your time, when in reality they don’t!

    Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, whether it’s Friendship, Lust, Acquaintance, or Love your after, please make damn sure the final result is this:

    ” If it’s not a 2 way street, walk away!!!”