The Angelic Ones…

There is tons of sorrow, everywhere a person can turn in life.  We try at times to block it out, to keep our positive focus.  I see many people deny their human need to stop, and vent their emotions, for lack of time and constant need to meet obligations.  While others take a pause break, blocking out the undeniable downfall of their finances,  because they just can’t continue as is.

We all make sacrifices everyday, our time and energy, to try to get things done.  When tragedy happens in our lives, for the most part, we are conditioned to keep going.  To pick up what we can and try to make sense of what has happened and why?

To me, the people I have watched take a bad situation, and still find it in themselves to help others in need too, they are human Angels.  Putting someone else before them in some instances. Maybe in helping others, it helps them cope with the loss they face as well.  The act of taking control in a uncontrolled situation, is a very powerful display of sheer human will.

For those of us that can still keep our heads together, when faced with pain and anguish, you are the answer to problem, others dare not solve.

At the end of the day, I see you for who you really are, even though you are humble,  and think it is just a normal way to react.

I see them as:  “The Angelic Ones”…

By: Natalie L’amour ♌


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