Humanity needs an overhaul…

The good hearts of this world, always try to help when they can. A kind word, someone to listen in a time of crisis, or step in, when nobody else will.    If you choose to see the humanity in someone, then you choose the ultimate task to ensure a hopeful outcome.  We do our best when we can, sometimes things don’t always work out, we can’t control peoples feelings or the world around us.  We can however control how we react to a situation, and maybe even find a solution.  

I’ve  seen the best of people lose hope, and give up helping others as a result of a bad experience.  There are no absolute guarantees when you help someone, that they have the same agenda.  The only real guarantee we have, is if you do help someone, you are at least trying to make a difference.  In a society that seems so selfish at times, and unconcerned with others well being or safety, isn’t it nice to know you’re not a contributor at best?

Yes, there are people that just can’t or don’t want to be helped I do agree, but there still are the ones that are just a bit lost or in a bind and would love a hand.  Often people take for granted that when a person needs help, that they know how to get help or maybe they have no family left or a support system for them.  If you do have a good support network, your very lucky!

I know everything we decide to believe in, is given a certain power, when we focus on it.  It may not turn out the way we hoped, or maybe it turns out with a twist of an ending, but maybe without help it could have been much worse.  Either way, I would like to think if someone took time out of their day to help out even a bit, it still would be a better life than if no one did anything at all.
Humanity needs an overhaul


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