The call to intervene…

We have all been there, you get a call from a friend, a family member or sometimes your a passer by late at night, there’s something wrong & they need assistance.  Many people are so caught up in there lives, they can’t always, or maybe they don’t have a way to help in their minds, but deep down they want to.  

For the ones that do stop everything and help out, in that moment you take on a higher power.  The spirit that moves you to intervene on behalf of another, it is making connections beyond what you imagine sometimes.  The synergy of getting others involved to make things happen, to stop the panic, to sooth & renew faith and most definitely hope. 

 Yes you are connecting to cause a beautiful reaction.  When you are doing a kindness, you feel it, you feel the adrenaline, the suspense how it will turn out.  You may even feel goosebumps in a good way.   If your lucky, all involved when your done, will experience a sense of relief & completion.  If you choose to help someone, you are taking a spot temporarily to hold their heart in your hands, and make them precious. 

The gift at the end,  is the smile that person gives you, knowing it’s genuine and the exchange of mutual love & respect, is all encompassing in that very moment.  

I have felt this feeling, both being on the receiving end and the one to give it.  If you get the chance to intervene on behalf of another soul, do it, we really must try help each other out. 

 We are all instruments at times, that when played right, our soulful intentions come out and bring such light, even in the darkest of situations!

Love always

Natalie L’amour 💋💙


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