“If it’s not a 2 way street, walk away…”

There are so many different types of love.  Love as in a friend, family member, colleague, life partner, Love of life.  It could be Platonic, Multiple Partners, Love of self, only as a friend or just that you share Love in general without putting a name to it!  When we love someone, or the things we are doing, we show everyone in contact with us a vulnerability, a secret side of our mind that shows our true self without walls!

It’s when we lower our protective barriers, that people get a glimpse of who we are, and that leaves us a bit defenseless at times.  I like to think that most people have good intentions, but life has shown me otherwise.  There are still true hearts out there, I don’t want to seem negative, not everyone is bad.  We all can choose to be soothing, nurturing & reciprocal, but some are just not capable, they just can’t bring themselves to give back.

What I’ve learned in my life, in observing different behaviors with Love and attention is this:

-Do give your attention to people who deserve it.

-Do share of yourself, with someone who is careful with your heart.

-Do give your time to a person who is genuine with you & is reciprocating. 

-Do make yourself a priority, before you give to others, otherwise you become depleted & will have nothing to give eventually. 

-Don’t waste time on a potential partner or friend who could not be bothered to be attentive or responsive back, in the end they have “no potential!”

-Don’t concentrate on, or Love blindly anyone, that you can’t justify why they deserve your time, when in reality they don’t!

Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, whether it’s Friendship, Lust, Acquaintance, or Love your after, please make damn sure the final result is this:

” If it’s not a 2 way street, walk away!!!”


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