With Love in her eyes…

It was a day like today eight years ago, that the sun beamed down and I felt it’s warmth, as I sang Happy Birthday to my Mother for the last time.  She would eventually pass the following year from The big “C”, on Canada Day.  Yes, every year since she’s been gone, I feel her memory cling ever closer to me, instead of my fear that it would fade.

As each year passes by, and I reach for my dreams, my Mother is right there with me.  She knows my thoughts, my turmoil, my triumphs too!  She is my compass to who I am still trying to become!

Although I cannot physically hold her hand, I feel her with me when I make big decisions, or choose to walk away from a losing battle.  I can see her in my minds eye, smiling at me every time I make plans for my musical goals.  She loved music & singing as much as me!  I am eternally grateful for her, I am kind because of her.  If someone says I remind them of her, then I am happy, as she was a beautiful heart.

So today on her Birthday, I raise a glass to her, and I will continue to follow the light infused path to my dreams.  I know if I keep going, even on the hard days, she is here with me-“watching with Love in her eyes”!

Natalie L’amour © 8/22/2016


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