What you concentrate on becomes you…

The world is filled with both positive & negative energies.  We see both good and bad things happen everyday, in the news, feedback from friends, talking with family.  I find the things we look at on a daily basis, can really influence our mindset.  It’s hard sometimes, not to get caught up in the bad things going on, to remain true to yourself, when you feel like your world’s is crumbling.  I have even found myself baffled, by just how much cruelty can be directed on humanity.

Here is the tipping point though; there is a way to aspire to better days.  It may take you a whIle to get the hang of it, hey it took me many years to bring myself into the light too!

Here is my suggestion.  Change the things you spend your time on.  Make it a mission to yourself, to celebrate the beauty you can find.  Start with the people you surround your life with.  We hear things all the time,  about people who are like leaches on our energy.  It really is true.  It is so important to not allow someone to steal your best away from you.  If you need time away to recharge, then do it!  When we put the focus back on positive, watch the change that happens.

I am so mystified, at exactly how little time it took, to become optimistic instead of negative. I am a staunch believer in trying to always find a better way of looking at things, to make small changes to add up to larger outcomes.

At the end of the day, it really is your choice to do nice things to make you feel empowered,  by happiness and beauty.  In fact I challenge each of you, who might be reading this, to do an experiment.  Each day you wake up, make an effort to spend some time on things that invite you to be happy, go see a show, take photos that excite you, do a tiny good deed for a stranger, or just allow your mind, to hone in on what you should be in this life.

The biggest thing I have learned so far, is you cannot expect a fabulous life, if all you talk about, or spend your time on,  is full of negativity and ugliness.  If you simply change what you are doing, you could invoke peace of mind,  and wonderful times & thoughts can follow.

The end result for each of us to remember is this:  What you concentrate on becomes you!!!

Love always 💋💙

Natalie L’amour © 9/13/2016


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