Your life goals happen in your own time, not someone elses…

I know you have probably overheard a lot of people talking over the years,  about being disappointed  in not hitting a life goal by a certain period in your life.  So many amazing & vital people just wanting their time in the sun. The truth is, we create our own dissatisfied minds, by looking at others around us & wanting what they have, or thinking we failed because we did not achieve financial success or obtain property or  have a family or a relationship by a certain age.

Ah yes!  That albeit magical age number,  that we think,  we have to achieve everything by.  I’m not saying it’s not good to have dreams & aspirations.  Far from it.  What I am saying is that, we cannot expect everything we want & see others achieving, to come to us exactly when we want it.  Things just simply happen in our own set lifetime.  An unforseen life path that we are each on, which can have many turns & trials on it, before we get a chance at our” Golden Wishes.”

I have personally seen many souls become disheartend with the lack of life goal achievement, by a certain age.  I have also suffered its unpleasantness.  There is extreme danger in allowing yourself to be distraught with fears that you will never make it, in fact there are some that have even given up hope and decided to leave their lives.  This is never the way to deal with this dilemma!

I am here to tell you, it does get better.  It may not happen at the exact age you want it to. It might not be exactly how you pictured your own success to be, but it’s still as brilliant as a sun beam, when success decides to present itself.  I don’t believe in overnight success stories.  For the most part, it’s a lot of hard work, and love of your craft. It takes sheer will & determination & talent,  that eventually can bring you into the forefront!

I have worked for the last 25 years at my dreams.  In the years that passed by, I planted the seeds to my garden of success.  We are all works in progress.  Just when we think things are great,  just wait,  because sometimes they can really bloom into something you never even could imagine.

I am proud to say, some of my dreams are coming to life.  I have appeared on TV  &  Radio & Podcasts recently,  to promote a musical show called “Retro Heart” that was put together by myself & a wonderful guitarist friend, Mr.  Roland Doucet, with many guest musicians gracing our show with their gifts!   There will be more shows in the near future.

There are also lyrics for Songs & Stories I have worked at over the years, that are also coming to life now too!  I now am working with a phenomenal friend & composer, to add backing tracks to two songs that I have recently written.  These songs will be recorded, and will be performed live very soon!  This is a real dream come true, but it did not happen overnight.  With more foot work & collaboration with great people, I know there is more to come.   This story is not complete, nor do I want it to be!

I am now exactly who I am supposed to be, as I take a walk down my future life path.

My last thought on this blog, is this:

If you believe you were born to do something, that you think & concentrate on it every day, then  it is your task to try to make it happen.  Even if it takes years, maybe even doing other jobs to pay the “BILLS”, don’t give up!   Success can be around the corner or in the next chapter of your life, after you have overcome obtacles or life obligations. 

“Your life goals happen in your time, not someone elses!”

Love Always xoxo 💋💙

Natalie L’amour © August 10/2016


4 thoughts on “Your life goals happen in your own time, not someone elses…

  1. joedalio says:

    Thanks for the excellent advice! I am a late bloomer in life and still haven’t reached all of my goals. However, I get closer each day by doing as you mention here… knowing I’m where I’m supposed to be now, and focusing on the better person I have become on this great journey 🙂


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