Inflections from life…

I have never been in a better frame of mind, than I am right now.  Clarity used to escape me, due to wrestling with dark clouds and unwelcome life hapennings.  These days, I am elevated into a realm of music and people that I so deeply needed to come to me, or I sought them out.

Today I wake with the grandest notion, that my life is now exactly as it should be.  I’m not second guessing my choices any longer.  I am receiving the most precious thing, a community to perform for, and wonderful musicians to take me on a musical journey.  I don’t know what is beyond today, but with a grateful mind I intend to discover my fate.

I look back on my life in the last 20 years, and I have truly been graced with so many musicians to show me the way.  I take part in my life now, with the full knowledge that, all the memories I am making will serve as my tattoo on my soul.

 I am lucky to have the  friends and family  I have.  I am a true believer in supporting each other, to help raise people up not destroying their inner fire.  

I am aware,  that without the kind of friends I have, I would not be standing here today.  The smile on my face is no longer fake.  I smile genuinely.  There are so many people that have touched my life, and make me to proud to say I know them.

Tomorrow I will finally accomplish my dream, to perform on live TV right here in town for Rogers 22″ Daytime Ottawa.”  The support and Love I am being shown is both mind blowing & surreal.  When the show begins, just know that if I call you friend, you are right there with me.  I take you all with me, on this musical quest.

So much change happening, but for the good of course.  I was just discussing change issues with my best friend Cat Forsley last night.  We both were commenting on, that how much my voice seems to have changed in the last 10 years, when I perform.  I came to the conclusion, that the tonality and vibrato and depth of emotion now, was simply caused by- inflections from life…

Love always. šŸ’™šŸ’‹


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