Help keep Hope Alive…

Like a lot of people today, there are a great deal that live pay cheque to pay cheque, maybe you have savings or take an extra job here & there to supplement your income if you can.  If your lucky to have a job or to be healthy enough to keep working, your still ok.  But imagine for a minute or so a time when maybe you couldn’t work at your chosen job, too sick to work because of illness or surgeries needed to live.  Now imagine, you have exhausted your savings to pay monthly expenses, no extra money coming in and your scared how your bills or even just rent will be paid, or how you’ll even eat?
Well this is a reality for many people, and it is a scary reality.  This is happening right now to a lovely woman named “Maria Hawkins”.  For years she has made it a mission to help children in schools with anti bullying and Blues in Schools campaigns.  She makes a living from singing and being a musician.  Recently since November 2015 she has not been able to work due to much needed eye surgeries and through a musicians union and other means, she was hooked up with co-op housing,  some help funding wise, but only short term, as funds ran out to help her unfortunately.  
April & May are looking very bleak for her as she cannot work with another upcoming eye surgery & has exhausted all savings now.  She is looking at other venues to get money, but that can take months for ODSP if she can qualify!  In the interim, she has no way of paying for rent or food in the next few months, but even if anyone who reads this can send $10.00 or $20.00 when pooled together can spell great relief for a very giving woman, who now is in need herself.  If you are able to help Maria Hawkins out, you can send your e-mail $$ by interac transfer by using online banking. Her e-mail is: You can make up any question you like but the password needs to be “Singer” so Maria can accept it on her end. You can also send Maria Hawkins a private message on Facebook if you have any questions regarding this.

Thanks for taking time to read this & of course for your generosity if you can help keep hope alive,for Lady of Blues “Maria Hawkins”…


Love always
Natalie L’amour 💋 💙


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