“Ageism gets Old My Friends!”

So today, I heard in the news that Dos Equis Beer, owned by Heineken Beer company, has decided to part ways with Their Ad man- Jonathan Goldsmith “The Most Interesting man in the World”, after 9 years together.  I should add also, that Mr. Goldsmith in those 9 years with Dos Equis, has managed to almost triple their sales while being their front man.  He is 77 and no doubt this is part of the issue, that the company decided to switch things up and go with someone new.  To me there are just far to many people in show business and today’s work force, that are proof that age does not stop someone from being viable.  Perfect examples of age not being an issue, are people like Betty White, William Shatner, Morgan Freeman etc… In a world that spends tons of money on marketing for the youth, marketing campaigns need to realize that it’s not just the youth who are consumers.  I know it’s a hard fight for anyone above 55 to get noticed or not be discriminated against by companies, thinking because they are older, that they have limitations on what they can bring to the table, so wrong!  Just the other day I was talking with a friend, and they were worried that if they wanted to start over in their career, that they may not be successful because they are 50, and companies may not want to invest in training, this has to change.  We now live in a time where through the wonders of modern medicine, homeopathy, good diet, exercise and maybe excellent genetics, people are living longer, stronger and fuller lives.  So many capable, useful and creative people, just needing a chance to contribute, but often get shut down because of age, this really has to change.

I hope Mr. Jonathan Goldsmith has lots of new and interesting projects and jobs to come his way.  For me, I hope when I reach my 7o’s and onward, I will be greeted with a different mentality when it comes to my age then, and what I can accomplish.  I intend to be someone who won’t give up.  My story is not finished yet, after all…

Love always…

Natalie L’amour xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxo



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