Chanelling warmth…

It could be someone you know, a neighbor, a friend, a family member or a complete stranger but sometimes you feel a genuine spark ignite warmth when you take someone’s hand. It is the smallest gesture, that can give such a huge reward. Tonite I felt just what I mentioned.
I was at a drug store about to head in, when I noticed a black reusable shopping bag on the ground near a car. I shrugged off the bag and began to walk towards the door, when I saw this woman coming out, she was 5 foot nothing in a long black winter coat, dressed warmly with good boots and a lovely hat. I stopped her at the door, and complimented her on her hat. I could see her light blue eyes look up at me, almost stunned I spoke to her, then her eyes softened and said “why thank you.” It was after her speaking to me, she started to proclaimed that the bag on the ground was hers, that I earlier noticed. Right away I hopped to pick it up and give it to her so she wouldn’t fall near the ice patch to get it. The woman proceeded to walk to her dark blue car but seemed scared to fall, as it was slippery. Noticing the sweet ladies caution, I extended my hand and she took it and I helped her to her car door. I felt such a warmth and energy as she took my hand, it sent a wash of calmness through my body. It was beautiful how effortlessly her hand latched onto mine. After this gesture she said thank you, and proceeded to tell me she was 90 and worries in winter when walking, I told her I understood her worry & was glad to help. She did not look 90, so I told her she looked amazing & I hope if I’m blessed to live into my 90’s, that I could be just like her. She smiled the biggest smile and got in her car slowly and drove off into the night. I hope wherever she goes she knows how inspirational her independent spirit is and the warmth she bestowed upon me…
💋 💙
Love always…



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