Beyond judgment…

So many things can happen in a person’s life.  There are things that at times, only you can understand.  If you speak to others of your pain and feel they are harsh and judgmental, rather than being kind and thoughtful, do not give power to their carelessness with your heart!  If you are lucky, you have a treasured few to turn to, and they in return will be what you need.  For the ones that couldn’t be bothered or look at you with dark glances, say goodbye!
What you need right now is your own special understanding of what makes you unique and kind hearted.  If you are going through bad times, I wish you strength to endure the blackhearts. Love of yourself to protect your spirit and friends to help hold you up on the days you feel like falling.  No one person has the right to judge how you heal, they are not you!  I wish you a life beyond judgment…



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