Hearts connection…

Some of the most beautiful Love stories I’ve ever witnessed in my life, we’re of people who have been married over 40 to 50 years.  To still be able to look at each other with love and kindness, with respect and compassion after so many years together, that is ultimate love story.  The kind of life shared together that weathered so many things, we are human and falter and sometimes break but if our partners are there for us, we begin again.  The most touching of stories I’ve seen though, is when your life partner passes, the love you still have for that person, the memories that
linger;  the emotion felt, as if part of them had passed too, for they lived for each other.  Some people may say it’s a great burden to Love like that, to live for someone else, but for me it’s the only kind I want to know.  It’s selfless love, and even though it hurts, it worth every moment to be able to look back and remember it’s warmth and know it existed.  That’s the kind of Love to hold out for, when you feel that Hearts Connection…



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